The Decline of America and the Rise of the Coming Religious Reich

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The more overt signs of developing global governance began just before World War II. In 1930, for instance, a New York Times article quoted Louis McFadden, then chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency (one of the most powerful chairmanships in Congress), as saying this: 

[quote] The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is eager to enter into a close relationship with the Bank for International Settlements. The conclusion is impossible to escape, that the State and Treasury Departments are willing to pool the banking systems of Europe and America, setting up a world financial power, independent of and above the government of the United States. [end quote]


And it predicted America’s role in the future way of things:

[quote] The United States, under present conditions, will be transformed from the most active of manufacturing nations into a consuming and importing nation, with a trade of balance against it. [end quote]


To be clear: his words were a warning; McFadden did not favor this development. Yet, the very thing he said would occur has happened. It is now part of the United States’ position as a debtor nation.

Nine years later, another influential American, future secretary of state John Foster Dulles, revealed his preference for world government. The October 29, 1939, New York Times quoted a Dulles speech: 


[quote] There must be some dilution of sovereignty, to the immediate disadvantage of those nations which now possesses the preponderance of power. The establishment of a common money might be vested in a body created by and responsible to the principal of trading and investing people. This would deprive our government of exclusive control over a national money. [end quote]


“But,” you might say, “a ‘common money’ or ‘global currency’ still hasn’t been formed.” Yet, that’s not quite true. Special drawing rights (SDR) were created in 1969—an initiative of the International Monetary Fund as a way to supplement the monetary reserves of member countries. It acts like an international currency. The increasing use of special drawing rights has prompted many people writing in mainstream financial papers to claim that the SDR is the beginning of a world currency. 

The extreme danger of international money is this: when you take away a nation’s currency, you take away its sovereignty. This has already happened in Europe. The creation of the Euro-dollar and the European Central Bank essentially ended sovereignty for the nations involved. Such centralization deprives a nation of exclusive control over its money.

Another man who warned of the danger of one-world economics was U.S. senator and 1964 Republican candidate for president Barry Goldwater. In his 1979 book With No Apologies, Goldwater outlined his concern:

[quote] What the globalists truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation states involved. They believe the abundant materialism they propose to create will overwhelm existing differences. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future. [end quote]

This, I believe, is the central feature of a revived Roman Empire, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Under the headline “A Revived Holy Roman Empire?”, one British newspaper reported:

[quote] A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission. [end quote] 

The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union.

Opponents fear the plan could create a modern-day equivalent of the European emperor envisaged by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages.

Euro Prime Minister Paul Nuttall, of the UK Independence Party, said: “This is a truly ridiculous idea that must never be allowed to happen. . . . they are trying to go back to the days of the Holy Roman Emperor.”


The Metal of Our Foes

To see how one-worldism is shaping up, it is helpful to look back in more detail at Daniel and his prophecy during the days of ancient Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar. In Daniel 2, here’s what’s going on. Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that includes a statue constructed of various materials, mostly metal. He summons his advisors and commands them to “tell me what I dreamed.” 

Notice that he doesn’t tell them the dream, because they could just make up an interpretation. He adds a threat to kill them if they don’t do as he requests. Fortunately for the group, among them is a young man named Daniel, a Hebrew who had been taken from Israel and brought to Babylon. At the urging of one of the other advisors who knows of Daniel’s “inside track” with God, Daniel appears before the king and tells him both the dream and the meaning of the dream. The dream, of course, is the prophecy that points toward our revived Roman Empire. 

In Daniel 2:38, Daniel explains to Nebuchadnezzar, “You, O King, are the head of gold.” This is Babylon. Then, starting in verse 39, he interprets the rest: 


  • Verse 39—“There are the arms of silver and the chest of silver. And that represents the Medo-Persian Empire.” The Babylonian Empire did, indeed, fall, and the subsequent Medo-Persian Empire expanded.
  • Verse 39—Then the belly and thighs of bronze represents the empire of Greece. 
  • Verse 40—The legs of iron are the (first) Roman Empire. 
  • Verse 41-43—The toes of iron and clay represent the revived Roman Empire with ten federations.

The interpretation of the toes of iron and clay in Daniel 2: 41-43 is a bit more involved. The feet with ten toes represents the revived Roman Empire with ten federations. Some believe that these ten federations may be nine regions of the world under the control of the new empire with the European Union being the tenth toe. Amazingly, the European Commission has already laid out the world in ten global regions and even detailed the list on its website. Here’s the regional breakdown:


  1. North America
  2. Central America and Caribbean
  3. South America
  4. Western Europe
  5. Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  6. Mediterranean and Middle East
  7. Africa
  8. Northeast and South Asia
  9. Southeast Asia
  10. Australia and Pacific

An alternative explanation suggests that the feet represent a ten-federation state made up of European nations. These nations will be the center of political, religious, and economic power. I suspect the reality is probably a hybrid of the two concepts. We will likely see ten regions of the world specified. 

These ten regions would be the ten trading blocs with common currencies. And since “money is power,” this streamlines how the kings of the earth will give their power and authority to the Antichrist. The Antichrist will enforce a one-world economy, and people will not be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark. Even now, the financial base of a one-world economy resides in Europe in the form of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Financial Stability Board. While at the time of writing this book the World Bank and IMF are headquartered in Washington, D.C., they are heavily influenced by the Europeans. The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group, and a member of the United Nations Development Group. The World Bank website explains that the “World Bank Group cooperates closely with the EU institutions to promote shared goals such as reducing global poverty and shifting economies onto environmentally sustainable growth paths.” And that:

The mandate of the World Bank Group (WBG) Brussels office is to facilitate and cultivate the partnership between the WBG and the European Union (EU) institutions, including the European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank, as well as other Brussels-based interlocutors.

Whatever the specifics of how the ten federations or nations play out, the nature of the iron and clay mixture in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is significant. The unlikely combination is both strong and brittle, meaning it has the natural tendency to break apart. These ten components each have their own sense of nationalism, their own language, their own culture, and their own traditions. Different peoples come together to form this coalition. And because they hold these basic differences, they’re prone to breaking apart like clay. The “togetherness” is enforced by the iron component, like the coercive power of the Roman Empire. This could be a single leader who rises to become a world dictator and ruler of the coming Reich. The clay and iron form a fragile constitution but also strong as long as they hold together. It’s a strength, in fact, that gives them dominance over the other nation-states or unions in the world.

The the above is an excerpt of the book; The Coming Religious Reich by Brannon Howse. You can order your copy of this 500 page book here:

Or download the EBook documentary right now here:


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