Critical Race Theory, White Guilt and Marxism

It has always been a potential problem, in terms of dividing America, that non-white minorities in a largely white country, could fall under the influence of foreign-aligned communist groups or causes. Whatever strides have been made toward color-blindness since World War II, there remains the history of African slavery in the South before the Civil War and the assertion of white supremacy in Southern states after Reconstruction.

Since the 1960s we have been living through a period of unprecedented racial tolerance; yet the Marxists continually remind non-whites of the legacy of slavery and the history of colonialism, claiming that white supremacy is intrinsic to the capitalist system. By means of this propaganda (advanced in accordance with the Marxist dogma of Critical Race Theory), a fear of “whiteness” has been promoted at a time when the overwhelming majority of whites are philosophically opposed to racism. In fact, large numbers of whites voted for a black president in 2008 and 2012.

Since most whites are ashamed of America’s past treatment of blacks, they are susceptible to “white guilt.” This guilt is now being exploited to advance a communist agenda, as opposed to the color-blind agenda envisioned by conservatives. The political significance of this cannot be underestimated. According to Trevor Loudon, the organizations behind today’s revolutionary unrest are Maoist; that is, they are ideologically allied with the Chinese Communists in Beijing.

Loudon says these Maoist groups are registering voters in several states. Their revolution is not mere street agitation. According to Loudon, “They are heavily tied into the Democratic Party and are taking control where they can. For example, they run Durham, North Carolina. Every member of the city council but one … are affiliated with Liberation Road.”

Loudon has written a detailed article on the takeover of Durham, which is a university town. This takeover is part of a larger strategy of destroying the Republican Party’s base of support in the South. “Liberation Road is Maoist,” said Loudon. “They also work with the Democratic Party in blue states, like Massachusetts. They pretty much control the San Francisco City Commission. Several of their politicians operate in Los Angeles. This gives them influence in Sacramento. They have cultivated a big voting block of Asians in San Francisco. The Chinese influence in San Francisco is huge. They operate similarly in Boston. In Florida they have a group called ‘The New Florida Majority,’ which works exactly like the ‘The New Virginia Majority.’ Their aim is to use black and Latin majorities to destroy the Republican voting base in the South.”

I asked Loudon if the communists were succeeding at their electoral strategy.

“They got Virginia,” he replied. “They are advancing in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. All those states are in danger of going blue in the next election.”

Is Trump likely to win the election?

“I give him a 35 percent chance at this stage,” said Loudon. “Because the left has mobilized minorities and youth. They will now sign up a couple of million new voters. The left has put huge resources into this, gathering up masses of black and Latino and Muslim voters. You have to remember, largely due to immigration, the minority part of the population has doubled over the last four decades. And the way their rhetoric is designed, you’re a racist if you don’t agree with them. By broadening the definition of racism to include anyone who believes in borders, anyone who is a Republican, or anyone who is conservative, they have made communism a mainstream proposition without overtly referring to themselves as communists. They are even saying that anti-communism is racist, because communism is led by China, an Asian country.”

If this kind of propaganda prevails, how will our freedom of speech survive?

“Well, yes, that’s right,” said Loudon. “The left’s rhetoric holds that anyone who disagrees with them is racist, and racists cannot be allowed any freedom of speech. If you don’t believe in ripping down statues you’re a racist. People are terrorized by this word, ‘racism.’ This is one of the communists’ most powerful weapons. I personally know people who have been fired for opposing Black Lives Matter in Facebook posts. To be a racist, like being a climate change denier, is to risk ostracism. So the counter-arguments are not being made. If they say Trump is a racist, give me specifics. They cannot. But who is challenging them?”

I said to Loudon, “This rhetoric seems to be rolling us up. On every side we see inaction, we see surrender, we see fear.”

Loudon replied: “The Republican Party is silent because they are terrified of this one word. Nikki Haley talked about 400 years of white repression. She wants to run for President on the Republican side. This is how she talks. Everyone must now fall into line with Critical Race Theory, which was advanced by James Cone, the founder of Black Liberation Theology. He went to Cuba in 1982, to meetings with Castro. He took Jeremiah Wright — Obama’s pastor — with him. They said, basically, that if you are white you are racist. If you are part of the white, Christian, capitalist, patriarchy, you are a racist. Thus, they attacked men. They attacked free institutions. They attacked Christianity. Now we hear calls to wipe out images of the ‘white Christ.’”

Do you think the Chinese Communist Party is supporting this?

Loudon replied: “When President Trump put tariffs on Chinese goods, the Chinese declared a ‘People’s War.’ This is a Maoist concept. It means a war of attrition on every front. It is harassment to exhaust the United States. They want to take over areas around cities and starve the cities. What they do in an urban setting is attack police stations and set up their own police. They are trying to use these areas as Maoist bases to eliminate the Republican Party in those states. There is a biological warfare aspect to this, as well, if we think of the way COVID-19 has played into this.”

Loudon believes that the “Chinese virus” was “the first round” of the “People’s War” waged by China. The Maoist assault on our symbols, institutions and cities is the second round. The third round, he says, “will be more kinetic.”

“I think there will be terrorist attacks and targeted assassinations,” said Loudon. “These will not only be from the left, but from white supremacist groups — to create more division. Look at Charlottesville. You had pro-Russian white supremacists facing off against Chinese communist groups. Who got the blame? Of course, this is all predicated on a government non-reaction. Did you know it is a felony to cross state lines to start a riot? Imagine what the federal government could do if it wanted?”

Should we be shocked at the federal government’s apparent unwillingness to arrest and prosecute communist agitators?

Loudon said, “Freedom Road Socialist Organization started this business in Minnesota. This group is openly pro-Chinese and openly ‘People’s War.’ Some of them are known to support FARC, the Communist Armed Forces of Colombia. They also support the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. They have set up a national alliance against race oppression modeled on an organization founded by Angela Davis in the 1970s. She actually came to their founding. They have coordinated most of these riots through the NAAPR. Frank Chapman is one of the people at the center of this. He was sent to jail long ago for a robbery killing. Then he became a jailhouse lawyer and a radical activist. His affiliates sparked the riots. These are the ‘sparks’ of a revolutionary movement. Lenin defined a spark — Iskra — as something that ignites a revolution. When Trump was elected they said their purpose was to be in the streets for four years and make the country ungovernable.”

It seems that America is in a desperate situation.

“We are in a revolutionary situation,” said a Loudon. “And who is fighting back? There are 500 FBI investigations now. All they have to do is read my articles and they would know who to arrest. But watch. They will arrest white supremacists. The narrative is that these are ‘peaceful’ demonstrations. But in reality this is a ‘People’s War.’ They are destroying the police, demoralizing their opposition. This war is biological, electronic, and psychological. The FBI supposedly has 2,000 investigations into Chinese activities right now. But it’s not enough.”

I noted that the FBI is too small to cope with such large problems and Loudon agreed. “There are people being arrested,” he said. “I saw the President’s National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, saying that America is done being naive about China.”

And what if Trump loses the November election?

“Yes,” said Loudon. “What happens then? Imagine if these mobs had a Democratic President egging them on? Imagine Vice President Kamala Harris taking over from an incapable Joe Biden.”

Are we on the verge of mass repressions against conservatives?

“Yes,” Loudon replied. “We will be targeted heavily.”


The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress —

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