Critical Race Theory Is Based Upon Lies

I was recently contacted pursuant to my perspective on the damnable heterodoxy known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). For whatever reason(s) the person seeking my input failed to reconnect with me to hear my thoughts regarding same. That said, I’ve been planning to share my feelings regarding CRT and there’s no time like the present.

Let me first say that I am an unapologetic, uncompromising, in your face when the situation calls for it, born-again Christian, ordained minister, who has been called to a ministry that has kept me on the frontlines of the political theater. I stand upon the Word of God first, last, and always, and for whom that offends “c’est la vie.” It is paramount that I stress this fact, because it’s foundational to everything I have to say on this subject moving forward.

CRT is another facet of Fabian Democratic Socialism dressed in a cheap suit of anti-whiteness, preached to those blacks gullible enough to believe the lies despite all evidence to the contrary. It’s a satanic hegemony used as the viscous agent that lubricates the divisive “white people bad and black people oppressed machine.”

As a one who has rejected the lie of inequality my entire adult life, not to mention as a Christian and Reverend, in what biblical scenario could I agree said Socialist construct has even a modicum of truth to it?

CRT is a political construct created to implant the vilest form of Socialism and neo-Leninism into the psyche giving it permanence in the zeitgeist of America for the singular and expressed purpose of turning America into the jewel in the crown of Socialism. And, let there be no doubt that is what these deceitfully named social constructs are all about.

America was blessed by God from its inception. Great men of God, irrespective of their imperfections where used by Him to create a nation and system of government that virtually became the envy of civilization overnight.

A Constitutional Republic, Free Market Capitalism, and the determination to right its imperfections, made America the only nation of her kind, and propelled us to become the greatest nation since the Kingdom ruled by Solomon.

Socialism on the other hand has an unabridged and uninterrupted record of failure from its inception regardless of whether one credits Karl Marx, Auguste Comte or Friedrich Engels with its creation. Socialism can point to nowhere on earth or in history where it has worked even marginally.

Socialism is the creation of deeply flawed God hating men fixated upon building a societal construct based upon government edict and dependence upon government. For those who argue said isn’t true, I demand they show me where Socialism has worked in the whole of its history. Our Founding Fathers, despite what Hegelian revisionists would try to convince us, where brilliant beyond their years, and, I add, that they were led by God in the creation of the United States of America. If Socialism were even remotely a viable construct they would have at the very least introduced some portion of same into the form of government they created.

Fabian Democratic Socialism is one of the principle heads of the hydra that comprises the Medusa recognized as Socialism. Socialists continue to reinvent the vocabulary used to fault America for the ills of the world and specifically the supposed ills of persons of color. CRT is simply the latest.

It is another form of blame America, curse white people, and convince persons of color that they don’t have the same things others have, read things white people have. But what would those things be? Blacks have jobs. Thanks to President Trump more blacks have jobs than at any time in history. But I digress.

Everyone has the exact same opportunity to succeed in America as his or her neighbor. But, just as the serpent in the Garden of Eden deceived Eve, so too has the elapid called Socialism deceived Americans and specifically those Americans who are higher melanin content.

Every single American born today has the chance to pursue more than they were born with or into. It’s an insult to the brilliance, genius, commitment to hard work, and determination of countless Americans to suggest otherwise.

However, that reality has been purposefully bastardized, so as too be viewed as the reasoning of Uncle Toms, sellouts or racists. This is the ground game of Socialism.

Fabian Democratic Socialists are using CRT to demonize the success of Americans and by extension the American way of life by attempting to convince the gullible they’ve been cheated.

CRT is built on the fallacious premise that a color-blind society and riddance of segregative language, i.e., skin-color coded prefixes drawing attention to a distinction based upon invented inequality.

Let me repeat; CRT is a satanic lie from the pit of hell. There’s nothing truthful about it nor is there any component of same that subscribes to summum bonum.

In the upcoming weeks I will be discussing what CRT is and why the successful implementation of this heretical Hegelian falsity will destroy America.

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