CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet Spy Files, Subud Cult, And A Dead Body

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By WVW Broadcast Network Columnists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones  

What do a Cessna in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, an Islamic cult, a Chicago family, and a Soviet spy ring all have in common with a former President Obama?

Strap yourself in for an unsettling espionage action-thriller that sounds like a Tom Clancy spy novel. But this cloak-and-dagger exposé is non-fiction. Political non-fiction.

The perplexing sequence of events begins as a Cessna carrying nine people inexplicably descends into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of a Hawaiian island. A passenger wearing a lavender sweater appears calm during the final seconds of flight. The plane enters the water. Some will later speculate the unusual circumstance was a controlled water landing made to look like an accident.

The passengers and the pilot patiently exit the plane as the cabin becomes flooded with water. The passenger in the lavender sweater appears to the others to be alive and well. This passenger is observed floating in the ocean, wearing a life jacket and showing no signs of distress.

Oddly, another passenger documents the entire event with a GoPro video camera. The video never reveals the face of the passenger in the lavender sweater, who will soon become the focus of a mystery.

This passenger apparently ends up dead about an hour later.

Initial reports describe three different causes of death.

Even more baffling is the fact that no one else on board the Cessna Caravan died.

Now for a little bit more about this dead passenger. The deceased was the former leader of the American branch of an Islamic cult that originated in Indonesia.

The deceased used two names…and had two different birthdays. More mystery.

Through the Islamic cult, the deceased was connected to a very interesting couple from Chicago.

The husband from this Chicago couple is an expert in Soviet propaganda. He is a professor at a university in Chicago. A university where another professor was a domestic terrorist and a self-described “communist revolutionary.”

The husband attended meetings in Chicago and China with a graphic designer who created a very recognizable circular logo for a famous politician from Chicago.

The father of the graphic designer who created a very recognizable circular logo for a famous politician from Chicago lived in a commune with members of the American branch of the Islamic cult.

The wife from this Chicago couple was friends with the deceased. The wife became the leader of the American branch of the Islamic cult too; just like her friend who purportedly perished in the Pacific Ocean.

Now it turns out that back in the 1940s, the FBI was extremely interested in the parents of the husband from this Chicago couple.

When this Chicago husband, professor, and Soviet propaganda expert was a young boy he lived with his parents near Washington D.C.

The Chicago husband’s mother and all of his grandparents were from Russia. The Chicago husband’s father worked for the U.S. government.

The FBI had the father under government “technical surveillance” through a judge’s secret order. The FBI monitored his phone calls.

The FBI listened to his father getting chewed out by a Soviet spy for “questioning him over the telephone.” The spy then told the boy’s father “to bear in mind from where he was talking.”

The Soviet spy was part of an espionage network penetrating the highest levels of the U.S. government.

This Soviet spy ring had many agents working at American public libraries, scanning local newspaper obituaries to obtain the names of recently-deceased babies. This Soviet spy network then used the names of these dead babies to create fraudulent identities in order to obtain counterfeit U.S. passports.

These fraudulent passports were used by the communist spy operation to bring additional Soviet espionage agents into the United States.

The FBI eventually had 26,000 pages of files on this ring; the ring which also stole atomic bomb secrets from the Manhattan project.

There is one more detail worth mentioning:

It was the deceased who released a Hawaii birth certificate for the famous politician from Chicago, who became President Obama. Many claim that the Hawaii birth certificate is fraudulent.

More mystery? Yes.

The deceased was named in a sealed affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle alleging misprision of felony and treason against the United States. The sealed affidavit included a technical analysis concluding that the birth certificate was fraudulent. The affidavit also contained personal financial records of the Hawaii official.

Less than two months after the affidavit was filed the plane allegedly transporting the Hawaii official went down in the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawaii official reportedly died.

Shall we continue?

The following are the actual events portrayed in the story you just read, complete with real names and excerpts from the original Silvermaster FBI files. Approximately 26,000 pages of FBI files related to the Silvermaster Soviet spy ring and the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg espionage case were declassified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Excerpts from the William Remington FBI file are presented here as well.

The Hawaii plane incident

The Cessna Caravan 208B turboprop ditched off the coast of Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii on December 11, 2013. The Makani Kai Air Charters flight had departed Molokai en route to Honolulu with eight passengers and one pilot on board.

Several former military pilots reviewed GoPro video which had been recorded by a passenger on board the aircraft. Those military pilots stated that they believe the pilot made a “controlled water landing.”

YouTube Video:  Terrifying Video of Hawaiian Plane Crash From Inside the Cabin [INCREDIBLE] 

The 246-word NTSB preliminary report released after the Cessna Caravan incident was called “one of the most incomplete and un-sourced reports published when compared to other reports.” Is there a final report?

One passenger reported killed: Hawaii/SUBUD official who released President Obama’s birth certificate

Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, who released President Obama’s ‘Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth’ on April 27, 2011, was the only passenger pronounced dead after the Cessna Caravan went down.

Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy released President Obama’s Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth in 2011 and was pronounced dead in 2013 after a Cessna she was reportedly aboard ditched in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Molokai, Hawaii.

Former Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy (pictured with former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie). (Image credit: Facebook)

YouTube Video: Plane goes down into the ocean near Kalaupapa 

Several passengers claimed that they last saw Loretta Fuddy alive in the water wearing a life jacket. The GoPro video confirmed that passengers were in the water wearing life jackets.



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