Christian Ministries International and Statement Regarding Pat Robertson's Assassination Remarks

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
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We were saddened to hear the recent comments by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club calling for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  While Pat Robertson is a widely respected leader in the conservative Christian community, he does not speak for all Christians in regards to this matter.  Pat Robertson's comments were unbiblical and do not reflect the ethics of Jesus Christ, New Testament Christianity, or the Just War Tradition of the Christian church. 
Pat Robertson has been a blessing to the church in so many ways throughout the years.  We hope and pray that this incident will not tarnish the positive global impact that he has made for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
We would like those who would seek to use Pat Robertson's statement against the Christian community around the world to know that his statement does not represent the beliefs of the majority of Christians.  Jesus Christ never advocated assassination of governmental leaders, he never advanced his cause by military might, nor did he ever ask his followers to do so.  This is a major mark of distinction between Christianity and certain other religions and philosophies of the world.
While we disagree with Pat Robertson's call to assassinate President Chavez of Venezuela, we call on President Chavez to bring an end to his unjust political policies which are a source of major turmoil for his own people and for global stability between nations.  We ask the American government to continue to pressure President Chavez and to stand against oppression and injustice in Venezuela and in all parts of the world.  And we ask Christians everywhere to pray against the injustices of President Chavez and for the peace of Jesus Christ to reign supreme throughout the world.
Jason Carlson
Vice President of Christian Ministries International
Christian Worldview Network Columnist

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