CEO of National Trucking Association Warns Biden: Push the Mandate and You will Collapse the Food Supply

The president and CEO of a nationwide trucking association is sounding alarm bells, warning the Biden administration that if it pushes forward with its plans for a vaccine mandate large numbers of truckers, up to 37 percent, will walk off the job.

And that will collapse the food supply lines, causing widespread chaos in American cities, warned Chris Spear, whose testimony to the House Transportation Committee was featured by Brannon Howse Live on Nov. 18.

Spear is president and CEO of American Trucking Associations, the nation's leading organization representing the interests of the trucking industry. He is also on the board of the American Transportation Research Institute. He is not an anti-vaxxer. In fact, he says he's in favor of the shots, but that doesn't stop him from delivering the blunt truth to a congressional committee about the impact of a federal vaccine mandate on his industry and the overall U.S. economy.

"Let me be clear and qualify this. This isn't about being pro- or anti-vax for us. We've been moving to vaccines, PPE and test kits so this is something our industry has been very forward leaning on," Spear testified. "But in our sample survey of our fleets it came back as 37 percent of our drivers not only said no, buy hell no."

If that wasn't emphatic enough. Spear went a step further to explain just how devastating such a mandate would be on vital supply lines.

"Let's just take a conservative number, let's say 3.7 percent were to actually quit rather than get the vaccine, that would be catastrophic," Spear said. "We're already short 80,000 [drivers]. That's going to inflate it to a quarter million. So for us, you know, we've tried to be very clear with the administration: if you do this, I understand the logic behind it, but if you do this, these are the consequences. So if you're trying to solve the supply chain problem..."

Brannon Howse took the balance of his show to break down Spear's congressional testimony.

To give perspective of the downstream consequences, if just 3.7 percent of truckers dropped out of the industry there would be a quarter million vacancies.

"So if you have 37 percent walk off, what does that mean?"

America's civil society would collapse within days as panicked citizens took to the streets.

Besides being a radio and internet TV broadcaster, Howse has been a seller of bulk food for many years.

He said he's noticed a growing trend in the bulk food industry.

"They've closed the box [on many commonly available items], meaning it's no longer available, a dead link, they're out, you can't order it," Howse said. "This is one of the biggest suppliers of freeze-dried food in the country, and they're going black. So they're starting to ration it. Maybe they'll catch up. Maybe they won't. I was able to put in the biggest order I've ever done, but I had to be selective and the normal things are gone."

But that's just one of the trends Howse said he's been tracking.

"Why am I telling you this? Because we are seeing the signs again. And that's one of the things we study here is trends, right? So what are the trends I'm seeing right now? I'm seeing a few."

  • Freeze-dried food under stress again and having trouble keeping up with orders even though they're running 24/7.
  • Gold and silver heading back up to record highs.
  • Guns and ammunition continue to fly off the shelves, even though the prices of ammunition are at record highs.
  • There are early reports of millennials looking at buy dilapidated housing in rural areas and fixing it up, planning to get out of the cities and suburbs.

"All of these things tell you something, they're all barometers. If it was just one, maybe not, but collectively?" Howse said.

He said these trends also signal that the American people are waking up, trying to position themselves to be more self-sufficient.

"They are waking up. They are preparing. They don't want to have all of their money in digits in a bank, that can be turned on or turned off and they're moving into precious metals as a safeguard," he said.

"We also have someone who is up for Comptroller of the Currency under Biden and she's talking about getting rid of personal bank accounts, to close American bank accounts," he continued, referring to Saule Omarova, who grew up in the Soviet Union.

"She has written papers calling for government to abolish all private banking and put all accounts under the Federal Reserve," Howse said.

Omarova attended Moscow State University on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. Her thesis was: “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” The thesis proved so controversial she erased it from her résumé.

Omarova has also stated that she wants to see the bankruptcy of companies in the fossil fuel industry to pave the way for new green deal policies in accordance with climate change hysteria.

"And then you have the truckers survey warning 37 percent of truckers will walk off the job ...and yet they go forward with [the mandate]," Howse said.

"Why? Because this is all necessary for the planned collapse.... At some point they're not going to be able to keep this rigged game going.

"Look at the transformation in society. The warning signs are blinking. And then all of a sudden you wake up one morning, and there's a cyber collapse. Yeah. It was all planned."

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