Americans Did Not Take Warnings on Black Swan Events Seriously Will They Take Seriously The Threat to our Power-Grid?

Through our radio shows, TV shows, an emergency preparation conference in 2017, and in our docuMovie, Siege, we warned about Black Swan events, the break down of social structures, the danger of "just in time" supply chains and biological warfare and pandemics. Here is a short video clip from a TV show we filmed about 18 months ago on biological weapons.

Last night I told my 17 year old son to go and purchase for me more gasoline for my generator, more jugs of water, and many more tanks of liquid propane for my gas grill. Why? Because I told him I would not be shocked if a terrorist group or state actor tried to bring down any of our three national power grids during this national crisis. I am not talking about an EMP event, but a cyber attack or physical attack that would take the grid down for a few days or even a few weeks. An EMP attack is a totally different discussion.

A few years ago, the government warned of national enemies—foreign or domestic—doing damage to our power grid.

In addition to cyber attacks, there are the physical attacks that can be carried out on power stations and lines. It is far easier than you know to damage America’s power grid, and it's all discussed in great detail in my December 2019 docuMovie, Siege. You can watch one hour for free at

Our enemies are always hacking on us at the power-grid level, as well as financial markets, and also on our government and military systems.So I gave my son his list of things to go and purchase in order to beef up my supplies. You may think that is crazy, but many people thought it was crazy when I was telling my radio audience for years and years to be ready for a black swan type event and stock up on food. The fact that our website sold freeze dried food was mocked. Well, they are not laughing now. We offered such a service to our audience because we were swamped with requests by our radio audience to acquire the same resources I mentioned on the air that I had put into my personal emergency plan. So we put these items in our store.

Sadly, some of the people mocking my organization are well known neo-evangelicals who work for “Bible” ministries. And sadly, much of what they teach is not found in the Bible. These simpletons mocked me on social media because we told our radio audience to prepare with balance and prudence for black swan events. Many in our audience followed our advice, and now during this Coronavirus crisis—with stores lacking in supplies—we are receiving large quantities of thank you messages for helping our audience. They are thanking us for helping them to understand the times and the clear and present dangers facing America.

The good news is we saved the social media posts from the religious fools who mocked my audience. We will eventually release the screen shots of these religious useful idiots so they can be seen for what they are, and then maybe more people can avoid becoming a victim of their foolish worldview. They are dangerous, not only because they are the very definition of ignorant, Biblical fools, but many of them teach a false Christianity, a works based gospel. I expose many of them by name in my November 2018 book, Marxianity at

So in conclusion, you should prepare accordingly and pray our national enemies don’t damage our power grid. If nothing happens, put the gas you bought in your car, drink the water, and use the liquid propane for your gas grill over the next few months. You would consume these things anyway. Reality is, you should always keep an emergency plan in place for power disruptions.

The warning in this article was put out last night (March 19, 2020) in text to a few close friends. Then around March 20, 2020 EST, Fox News posted this headline which confirms that I am not the only one thinking strategically:
Risk of 'deadly' cyberattack looms amid Coronavirus outbreak

Now go watch 1 hour for free of and pass the link on to your fellow Americans via Facebook, Twitter, texts, or email so they can come to understand the clear and present dangers facing America from numerous nations such as China, Russia, North Korea, & Iran.

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