Americans Are Arming Themselves in Record Numbers: December 18, 2022

INTRO: At a time when the world desperately needs more food, the government of the Netherlands is cracking down on farmers, threatening to take their land if they don’t agree to sell it at the price offered.

A whistleblower has told Project Veritas that the U.S. government is working with cartels to facilitate human sex trafficking on U.S. soil.

CNN informs employees in a memo that it is planning to lay off hundreds of them before the new year.

And one of Joe Biden’s top economic advisers tells us the administration really is serious about “phasing out oil” over the next few years.

We also take a look at Apple’s role in the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression of the Chinese people, who are now rising up in a massive quest for freedom.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Leading off tonight, the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its so-called “sustainable development goals,” is driving thousands of Dutch farmers off their land, first by limiting essential nitrogen-based fertilizers and now by direct government expropriation – actually taking their land, as ordered by the technocrats at the European Union. 


Seventy-one percent of the earth’s atmosphere is made up of nitrogen, but we’re told that too much of it can be very bad. So, the Nitrogen Minister of the Netherlands, Christianne van der Wal, is spearheading a government effort to drastically reduce nitrogen emitted by too much green plant life — imagine that, too many lush green farms in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most productive farming nations and second only to the United States in the amount of food it exports to the world.

That’s a bad thing, according to the “Nitrogen Minister” of the Netherlands. Can you believe they even have such a position in their government? Nitrogen Minister?

Farmers in the Netherlands have been at war with the government over nitrogen emissions ever since the government announced that there would be a 50% reduction in nitrogen emissions by 2050. Dairy farmers are especially hard hit because waste from the 1.6 million dairy cows in the Netherlands is the largest contributor to nitrogen “pollution.”

Ben Apeldoorn, whose farm has about 120 cows producing milk for making cheese, told the New York Times:

“My livelihood and my network are being threatened. You’re just no longer allowed to exist.”

But it’s all to save the planet, right?

Who can argue with that?

What they don’t tell you is their plan to save the planet involves extinguishing the majority of humans now on the planet.

The Dutch Nitrogen Minister goes on threatening her nation’s farmers. She told MPs on Friday that “There is no better offer coming.”

In other words, take it or leave it, peasants. We own you, and you will obey us. This is how things work in the new digital feudal system, aka New World Order. And it’s all coming at us compliments of the U.N. and World Economic Forum, where they openly tell us we will own nothing, we will have no privacy, and we will learn to like it. You don’t need dairy. You don’t need beef cattle. Just eat bugs and drink cockroach milk and shut up!


Sarah Katz, a 21-year-old student at University of Pennsylvania, died unexpectedly September 10 at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. She was 21.

According to her obituary posted at the University of Pennsylvania Almanac, Katz was pursuing majors in international relations and health & societies with a minor in East Asian language and civilization. She was a native of Jersey City, New Jersey.


During her first year at Penn, she worked as a research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She returned to campus this semester eager to begin working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a health communications intern.

Katz served as membership coordinator for the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education, the social chair of Sigma Kappa sorority, and was an active member in Penn Hillel.

Her family issued the following statement: “We are devastated by this tragic passing of our beloved Sarah. She loved the University of Pennsylvania so much and was so happy and thriving. Sarah was fully engaged in so many aspects of campus life, academics, clubs, socially, and through internships. Words cannot express how much of a loss we are feeling. We so appreciate everything.”

There was absolutely no word on her cause of death from her family or the university. However, the University of Pennsylvania has a strict vaccine mandate which states as follows on the university website:

“Students are required to be fully up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines (including the COVID-19 booster shot), and must submit documentation of vaccination to their Wellness Portal.”


Schoolteachers in Alberta, Canada, are starting to break their silence on what they're witnessing after the first few months since children started getting jabbed with the Covid experimental vaccine.

An epidemic of sudden deaths by “unknown causes” is taking effect in Canada, where the rate of vaccination is even higher than in the U.S. Deaths classified as an “unknown cause” have overtaken dementia and heart disease to become Alberta’s top killer. And after doctors have been required to comply with strict vaccine mandates, at least 93 Canadian physicians are known to have succumbed to sudden death.

But it’s not just doctors. It involves nurses, firemen, police officers, teachers, and now students.

Teachers are starting to panic at what they are seeing in the schools. Jabbed children are struggling to concentrate, and a young girl in Alberta, a second-grader, recently died suddenly of an unknown cause.

Listen to this interview Laura-Lynn Thompson conducts with Canadian physician, Dr. William Makis.



Official figures quietly published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control confirm nearly half a million children and young adults have died ever since the Food & Drug Administration first granted emergency use authorization to a Covid-19 vaccine in the USA.

As The Exposé reports, this translates into nearly 118,000 excess deaths compared to the 2015-2019 average. The term, excess deaths, is used to explain the number of deaths beyond the range of what is normal for a given age bracket.

The figures also reveal that there have been 7,680 more excess deaths among children and young adults in 2022 so far compared to the same time frame in 2020 at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to The Exposé:

“The year 2021 was by and large the worst year for deaths among 0 to 44-year-olds, with 291,461 excess deaths in total, nearly 60,000 more than occurred in 2020. And according to the official CDC figures, this was mainly due to a mysterious sudden rise in deaths among children and young adults from around week 31 onwards. …Unfortunately, according to data published by the UK Government, that “mysterious” sudden rise which has contributed to half a million American children and young adults dying since late 2020, is most likely due to the Covid-19 injections.”


The Israeli Air Force this week will hold one of its largest drills in years with the United States Air Force simulating offensive strikes against Iran’s nuclear program.

The drill was to take place Tuesday, November 29th, through Thursday, December 1st, over the Mediterranean Sea and Israel. It will include long-range flights such as those that Israeli pilots might need to make in order to reach the Islamic Republic. The exercise will include refuelers as well as fighter jets from both forces.

Washington and Israel have signed an agreement that would see the U.S. come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war, and the two militaries have held numerous joint air defense exercises in recent years.

Iran, which possesses over 1,000 short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, continues to smuggle weapons to countries and non-state actors such as Hezbollah, which is estimated to have an arsenal of some 50,000 missiles on Israel’s northern border.

With tensions high over Iran’s nuclear program and regional hostility, Israel and the Islamic Republic have been threatening each other with senior officers stating that their militaries are capable of striking the other.

Israel has significantly increased its readiness level and has taken steps throughout the past year to prepare a military option against Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Project Veritas has released a disturbing undercover investigation outlining how the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has facilitated the human trafficking of mostly Central American minors on behalf of elicit cartels.

The video features a whistleblower, Tara Lee Rodas, working as a volunteer inside a federal government agency called the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency, or CIGIE.

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:31 of vid)

Staggering. Just staggering. And kudos to Project Veritas for doing the very difficult work of exposing these disgusting criminals inside our government.


A 41-year-old woman was found decapitated inside the kitchen of her Philadelphia home Tuesday, November 29th.

Police arrested 34-year-old Syrian refugee Ahmad Shareef who was found hiding in the bushes several blocks away and charged him with murder and abuse of a corpse.

According to local CBS affiliate KYW-TV, investigators say Shareef ran from the home covered in blood and was found inside bushes several blocks away near Rising Sun Avenue and Robbins Street in Lawncrest.

According to police, the suspect called family members and told them what happened and admitted he needed his medicine.

He’s being held without bail. The victim was identified as Leila Al Raheel, also a Syrian immigrant.

According to police reports, the killing was classified as domestic violence. Neighbors said multiple children and adults lived in the house and that it was the scene of “constant drama” with police called there many times. One neighbor called it a “house of horrors.”

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 49 seconds of vid)


In other news, Joe Biden’s energy advisor Amos Hochstein appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Wednesday to discuss the Regime’s plan to phase out oil.

Of course, the elites will still be using gas-powered vehicles and will still have access to oil.

Oil will only be phased out for the citizens.

“What does [Joe Biden] mean we’re going to ‘end drilling?’ – When?” CNBC host Joe Kernan asked Biden’s advisor.

Here’s how Amos Hochstein responded.


You heard what he said there, “Eventually we are – we’re going to be phasing out the use of oil.”

Hochstein also said in that interview that it’s “very difficult to understand criticism” for Biden’s decision to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which was put there in case of a major war breaking out or some other national-security emergency.


The reckoning has arrived at far-left CNN with the formal announcement of “hundreds” of layoffs.

Chris Licht, CNN’s new CEO, released a memo Wednesday, November 30, that warned “many” CNN staffers will be cut loose in the weeks before Christmas.

“To my CNN colleagues:

Our people are the heart and soul of this organization. It is incredibly hard to say goodbye to any one member of the CNN team, much less many.”

He continued…

“I recently described this process as a gut punch, because I know how this feels for all of us.”

John Nolte, writing for Breitbart, had an interesting take on this announcement. He writes:

“People say this is a terrible thing to do around Christmas. Normally, I would agree. But these people don’t believe in Christmas. They hate Christmas. They hate everyone who loves Christmas. If you and I were let go during Christmas, that would be one thing. That would be terrible. What would be cruel is laying CNN staffers off on May Day. That would be a real gut punch.”


A deal that halts a potential rail strike got through the House Wednesday and is now headed to the Senate.

But questions remain about whether the effort can clear the 50-50 Senate. 

By a vote of 290 to 137, House lawmakers voted to pass legislation blocking nearly 100,000 railroad workers from striking in early December. Economists and the White House have warned that a railroad strike could paralyze the nation's already reeling economy ahead of the holiday season. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said:

"We must act to prevent a catastrophic strike that would touch the lives of nearly every family.”

The railroad workers had been asking for seven paid sick days per year and this was the major sticking point looming ahead of the December 9 deadline to reach a new contract.

The legislation gives engineers and conductors three unpaid sick days a year for medical appointments, provided employers are given at least 30 days' notice about the time off. It's based on an agreement that railroad companies and transportation unions agreed to in September. While eight unions have already adopted the agreement, four have not. 


The eugenics programs that prevailed in the U.S. and Canada from about 1915 through the 1960s never completely went away, but now they’re making a major comeback.

Canada's MAID program is actively pushing people to end their lives early even if it has nothing to do with terminal disease. The Redacted podcast with Clayton and Natali Morris looked more deeply at these continued eugenics programs as we head into 2023.

SHOW VIDEO (clip first 2:45)

Disturbing, to say the least.


Well, even as the Biden administration doubles down on its plans to strip Americans of their gun ownership rights, Americans are doubling down on arming up.

The FBI released data on Monday showing it ran 192,749 instant criminal background checks for gun purchases on Black Friday 2022.

That ranks third in the Top 10 highest days for national instant criminal background checks and represents a 2.8 percent increase from Black Friday 2021.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation noted that there were 711,372 such checks “during the week leading up to and including Black Friday.”

The strong Black Friday background check numbers come after surges in gun sales during recent years. More than two million Americans have become first-time gun owners since Joe Biden took office.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The Chinese people have had enough of the brutal “zero-Covid” policies of the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party. Citizens have been suffering under cruel measures for years leading to isolation, starvation, and even suicide.

What started as a fire in one building has led to an inferno of protests.

These protests are so large that even the deep-state paper of record, the New York Times, can’t ignore them.


But what the Times and other media outlets will ignore is the role of Western companies in facilitating the slavery of the Chinese people.

Apple has now become an active collaborator with the tyrannical CCP-led regime in China.

Protesters have relied on AirDrop, Apple’s feature for wirelessly exchanging content between iOS devices, to communicate and organize against repressive regimes the world over.

According to a FOX News report:

“Under the latest software update, iOS 16.1.1, iPhone owners in China can only use AirDrop to receive files, images, and videos from other non-contacts for 10 minutes, according to 9to5Mac. Once that 10-minute window lapses, AirDrop shifts back to contacts only automatically. Chinese protesters frequently used AirDrop to spread information to nearby citizens and avoid harsh censorship on social media and in other public places.”

So not only does Apple exploit Chinese workers in communist-controlled sweat shops to turn out iPhone devices, then it actively colludes with the CCP to shut down dissent in the slave state known as the People’s Republic of China.

When the Chinese people rise up demanding freedom, it’s not only from its communist dictators at home, it’s liberation from Western corporations feeding off of the system set up by the communists that they so earnestly yearn for.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thank you for watching, sharing and supporting this broadcast. We operate independently of corporate advertising and that’s why we need your help to keep us on the air, spreading the truth that you won’t find in the corporate media.

Until next time, from everyone at the Worldview Report team, good night and God bless. And may God save America! Take care.


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