7th Circuit Court Redefines What A Child Is

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals should be made to answer my question regarding their ruling on “disposing” of the bodies of babies that have been murdered by abortion; which the Supreme Court addressed earlier this week.

When their mothers pay to have their babies murdered, the abortion death camps throw the bodies into dumpsters, trashcans or whatever. That is, of course, when death plants aren’t selling the remains to be used for experimentation and/or varied types of cell therapy.

Specifically, the 7th Circuit Court said: “Indiana had not identified a rational basis for fetal disposal regulations, since fetuses do no qualify as human beings and thus cannot be regulated like persons under law.” (See: Supreme Court Strikes Compromise To Dodge Abortion Dispute; Kevin Daley – Supreme Court Reporter; dailycaller.com; 5/28/2019) To its marginal credit, the Supreme Court reversed the 7th’s ruling.

You can read Kevin Daley’s article for yourself; I want to focus upon the language used by the 7th Circuit.

As I stated above, that court should be made to answer my question: If a person killed a pregnant woman with a gun, brick, bottle, tire iron, baseball bat or their bare hands and the baby the mother was carrying also died, why is the perpetrator charged with a double homicide?

If as the 7th Circuit ruled, the baby as a “fetus” does not qualify as a human being, how can the person who killed the pregnant mother be charged with two murders?

There are not words to describe the depth of insanity courts that support baby-killing will go to entrench their satanic acceptance of murdering children.

Allowing the unborn child does not have four legs or long arms and a tail or feathers and a bill, the unborn child is not a separate species. If the baby looks like a human being, how can it not be considered a human being?

It is an inarguable fact that life begins at the moment of conception. If that were not the case a baby would not start to grow and form from the moment the female egg is fertilized. It is just common sense. And yet in the face of all evidence to the contrary the baby-killing industry has found ways to convince the demonically led that killing an unborn child is not murder. They have so inculcated the mind; evil judges of the law are now free to redefine a human being whenever it becomes necessary to protect baby-killing.

They use verbiage such as “fetal disposal” to lessen the sharp sting of saying “throw the child in the dumpster and let it end up it a sewage treatment dump or landfill.”

It is not “fetal disposal,” it is treating the body of the dead with dignity. Their disrespect for the dead cannot be overstated. The least these murdered children could be accorded is a proper funeral, especially when we consider the horrific deaths they suffer.

A baby is a child. It is a living, breathing, human being that is fully developed at 16 weeks and there are no few times they are fully developed in less than 16 weeks. But not being fully developed makes the child no less of a human being.

The world has faced many horrific atrocities permitted upon mankind, but there has been no atrocity more barbaric than the murder of children.

It matters not what the courts say about the wanton and willful murder of children nor does it mater what the workers at the abortion death camps claim. The self-branded illuminati can attack those of us who know that killing an unborn child is murder just as sure as if the child were 10 or 12 years of age.

But the day approaches when those who have murdered their children along with those who advocate for the murder of children will stand before the righteous Judge. And at that time it will be too late to claim ignorance. God the Righteous Judge will not entertain arguments of how enlightened and how much wisdom the baby-killer wants to boast of.

God’s word is immutable, which means it is unchangeable, which also means when He said “thou shalt not kill” in the days of Moses he means it even today.

God is not a man who can be fooled and convinced with what are perceived as brilliant arguments. God is God and He has said “thou shalt not kill.” Which means if baby-killers and the women who pay money to have their child murdered were smart, they would fall on their knees and beg God to forgive their sin.

Because the day awaits when they will spend eternity reliving the murder of their child in vivid detail.

Call me and those who agree with me names, but we’ll see who’s right when the name-callers, baby-killers and the mothers who paid money to have their child murdered stand before God.

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