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 Dear Worldview Weekend Foundation Friends,

 We are very excited to give you a brief update on our ministry and the financial needs associated with it. We deeply appreciate your support and would like to share with you how these resources are being used to further the gospel in our nation and around the world. 

Last year we launched a new, free, Worldview Weekend television channel through Roku and we are pleased to announce that we have around 10,000 families that have loaded the free channel to their Roku box in that time period. That far exceeded our expectations and the growth trend is greatly increasing year after year on a global scale. Our previous channel was only available to people in America but this new, free channel is now available world-wide, due to our programming improvements. For more details on this, please visit wvwtv.com/roku

In January of this year we launched a new, free radio and television app for iPhone and Android that fixed some bugs and also added new features, such as blue-tooth capability. Get the free app here: www.wvwtv.com/app 

The free Contend 2016 student Worldview Weekend in January of 2016, was a great success with high school and college students attending from  all across America. We also live-streamed the conference with another nearly 1,000 people watching. Thank you for your support that made this possible. 

On Sunday nights, since November of 2015, we have been hosting a live, free, Bible study as we go through the Gospel of John.  You can watch for free at www.wvwtv.com/livestream  
This is another free ministry that requires a bandwidth contract. In fact, with all the free radio and television programs that people are streaming from our website, we have a monthly streaming bill of around $2,500 per month.

In April we will be hosting 10, free, Worldview Weekend rallies in 10 cities with Mike Gendron, Jimmy DeYoung, and Usama Dakdok joining me as speakers. You can find all the details on all of the rallies at www.worldviewweekend.com/conferences.

In February of 2016, our website was ranked in the top 67,000 of all the websites in the United States of America and in the top 270,000 in the world out of nearly one Billion websites globally. 

Three years ago we told you that we were setting out to be the world’s premier online, Biblical worldview radio and television network, and thanks to God’s provision and providence, combined with your support, we are fulfilling that ministry goal.

If you appreciate the volume of Biblical programming we produce each week will you partner with us right now through the Worldview Weekend Foundation? 

How many ministries can you think of that distribute free Biblical radio programs with 15 different radio hosts, (www.worldviewradio.com) as well as 7 different free television programs with 7 different hosts? (www.wvwtv.com) Your support helps us maintain the free apps, free Roku television channel, free streaming, free rallies, and free distribution of our radio and television programs before they roll into the Situation Room. 

In addition to carrying Biblically solid radio and television programs, we also carry programs that the vast majority of so called Christian radio and television stations would never carry. How many Christian TV or radio stations or networks do you know of that will carry the television program of Usama Dakdok as he exposes the demonic worldview of Islam and teaches us how to bring the gospel to the Muslims? Most so-called Christian ministries are afraid of the Muslims and will not do this.

How many radio and television networks do you know of that will produce and distribute the television program of someone like Mike Gendron as he exposes the false gospel of the Catholic Church?

We know we are making a difference with such programming. The testimonies from the volume of emails we receive from all over the world is proof. We have had so many people testify to how the Biblical truth of our programming has brought them out of the false teaching of the Church of Rome, Mormonism, the New Age Movement, Word of Faith, and other false religions. We also hear from many that write to tell us that our programming has helped them proclaim and defend the truth in their daily life with family and friends. 

We are a trusted resource to countless people around the world. Many people e-mail us to tell us that when they had a theological question or needed a Biblical answer, our website had the answer from God’s Word. Many people tell us that because they do not have a Bible teaching church in their town that they rely on our Bible teachers to spiritually feed and teach them.

We are reaching far more people than we ever believed this ministry could reach. In fact, the downloads, streaming, and demand is so great that we need your help to meet the financial costs. 

In April we will be hosting the 10 free Worldview Weekend rallies in 10 cities over 10 nights in a row. Your support will help us with the cost of renting the hotel ballrooms, travel, sound equipment, lodging and transportation costs. The ballrooms we rent will cost between $1,000 and $3,200, depending on the city and size of the room. Will you partner with us to cover the cost of these ten, free conferences? We see lots of high school, college students, and young families attend that would not be able to if we did not make the rallies free. We will be providing testimonies in May for you to read from those that attended these meetings. I want you to know firsthand how your partnership with us is making a difference as we seek to defend and proclaim a Biblical worldview.

We need to raise a significant amount of funds between the middle of February and April 1st so we can meet our ministry expenditures. It would really be a blessing if we could start the 10 day, free, rallies on April 1st and know we had the cost covered. 

Thank you for partnering with us now in these ministry projects by making a tax deductible contribution online, by phone, or by check. All the details are at www.wvwfoundation.com  

If you prefer to give over our secure donation line, the number is 901-853-8792. Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number, credit card number, cvs number from the back of your card and the amount of the donation.

If you prefer to send a check please use our address above. If you prefer to give online on our secure website then please go to www.wvwfoundation.com 

Thank you so much for your support.

Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
Worldview Weekend Foundation  

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