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Worldview Weekend

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10 Cities, 10 Nights, Free Worldview Weekend Rallies, April 1-10, 2016 Filling Fast

10 Cities, 10 Nights, Free Worldview Weekend Rallies Featuring Jimmy DeYoung, Usama Dakdok, Brannon Howse, & Mike Gendron. The Rallies are free but you must register online to secure a seat.  These rallies are filling fast and seating is limited.


Dr. DeYoung will speak on Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Iraq, and Israel. What does the Bible say about these nations and are we in the season in which these nations are mentioned in the Bible?

Usama Dakdok will speak on how the Obama Administration is deliberately bringing millions of Muslims into America. With the rise of ISIS and Islam in America how is America being fundamentally transformed through this process and what should Christians know about what is coming and how to Biblically respond?


Mike Gendron will speak on Pope Francis, Islam, and Religious Unity. 


Brannon Howse will speak on his new book, The Coming Religious Reich.
Religion is becoming the driving force behind political and economic structures of the most demonic world empire in history. As Brannon Howse demonstrates in The Coming Religious Reich, a one-world, ecumenical, religious system is in the works. It will foster a global consensus around a worldwide socialistic economy and tyrannical government. 


Why is America is decreasing, who is bringing her down, and how and why is financial, religious, and political power shifting to a Eurocentric empire?

Who was Jean Monnet, and what are his five steps to a Euro-Centric

Global Government that are being implemented today?

What are the religious symbols of the European Union that fit with

Bible prophecy?

How is the Vatican connected to radical environmentalism, and a scientist calling for a global council and planetary court?

How and why is the world moving to a cashless society and how does that fit with Daniel 2 & 7? 

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Des Moines, IA

Friday April 01, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Sioux Falls, SD

Saturday April 02, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - St. Paul, MN

Sunday April 03, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Duluth, Minnesota

Monday April 04, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Lacrosse, WI

Tuesday April 05, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Green Bay, WI

Wednesday April 06, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Milwaukee, WI

Thursday April 07, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Rockford, IL

Friday April 08, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Indianapolis, IN

Saturday April 09, 2016

Worldview Weekend Rallies - Dayton, OH

Sunday April 10, 2016